Hanna Taylor Music
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About Hanna

Growing up in Southern Alberta and the land of the long white cloud in New Zealand, Hanna is a singer-songwriter with a passion for soulful, folk reverie upon the art of complicated times. She finds inspiration in the people she meets and her surroundings, which has become a personal study in opposites and extremes. The surreal undertones of everyday experiences across 10 000 miles of her Canadian and New Zealand roots strike the literal chords that resonate into the music she draws into existence.

A vocalist who has been compared to the musical stylings of the later Annie Lennox, Hanna utilizes a number of instruments including piano, guitar and mandolin to support her songwriting and extensive collection of cover songs. With or without accompaniment, Hanna is a versatile musician comfortable with solo, duo, or group performance in everything from the pub environment to formal events as she continues to develop her practise. Music to Hanna is second nature communication of her insights, observations and joy in every day human moments and interactions.

The maple leaf and silver fern are her personal symbols of growth and connection to places and the countries that flow through to nurture her imagination.




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