House Concerts

Photo credit: Brent Calver

Photo credit: Brent Calver

I have had the pleasure of listening to Hanna perform at a few of her house concerts. Her voice is soothing, relaxing and so enjoyable. She writes beautiful, soulful lyrics and is gifted at transferring personal experiences to songs which are insightful and engaging. Hanna also puts her own style on mainstream music and this mix is a perfect balance for a successful house concert.
— Belinda Thomas

What exactly is a house concert and what makes them so special?

House concerts are a really exciting way to enjoy live music with friends and family in a truly unique setting. Whether it's a backyard or living room that becomes the stage, these kind of performances are guaranteed to be intimate and full of happy vibes. Unlike traditional live music venues such as pubs or cafes, the artist isn't competing with the sounds of coffee machines or people shuffling around. This lessens the sense of separation between artist and audience and makes for a much more connected and relaxing experience for everyone involved. 

What are the benefits of hosting one?

If you want your next gathering to be an event that is different and truly unique, then house concerts are the way to go. It's an opportunity to bring people together for an completely new experience. Whether they be friends, family, neighbours, or co-workers, your guests will be able to enjoy an evening filled with song, laughter, storytelling and more. For more information and answers to commonly asked questions, please read the "House Concerts FAQ" section below, or email

I was fortunate to meet Hanna in Canmore and thought she would be ideal for a small gathering at my home in Calgary. Everyone commented on how much they appreciated her presence and I feel her voice helped set the tone for what was a magical evening. I am already planning another gathering in December, and of course, it will include Hanna.
— Michael Kitzul


House COncerts FAQ

What does the schedule for a house concert look like?

• The agenda for a house concerts will vary from venue to venue and depending on what time of day they are held so no two shows will be exactly the same. That's what makes them so unique! But generally they all follow the same sort of structure. Feel free to have a look at a sample itinerary by clicking below.

House Concert Sample Itinerary

I've never hosted anything like this before. What do I do?

• Hosting a house concert is really straightforward. I've even written a handy little guide to walk you through the steps.

Hosting a House Concert 101

If I just want background entertainment for a party I'm already hosting would this be the same thing as a house concert?

• No, these kind of events are different from house concerts, but are still totally fun and something that I'm happy to perform at! For live music at these sorts of gatherings (weddings, house parties, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), please send me an email and we can figure out the logistics from there.

How much does it cost to host a house concert and how are you paid?

• There are really two ways that this can be done. Depending on my travel requirements, I set a different "show minimum" based on where that particular concert is held and the cost for me to get there.

Option 1: Guest donations

Most of the time, the money I earn will meet this minimum simply through donations from any guests that attend. I will ask the host to make a semi-refundable deposit upon booking. This will be refunded once the show minimum is met. For this option, it is the responsibility of the host to request donations from attendees. Upon booking, I will provide all the details you need regarding the best way to go about this (spoiler alert: it's actually very easy).

Option 2: Host pays in full

Alternatively, if you prefer not to ask your guests for contributions, you may choose pay for the show in full yourself. The deposit you make upon booking will be credited towards the total cost.

How much space do you need and what are the best places to set up the "stage"?

• Every atmosphere is different and I have performed everywhere from backyard patios, to living room corners, and even a barn! Basically what I'm saying is that I'm versatile and I can probably adapt to most spaces. As a rule of thumb, the minimum space I would need for myself and equipment would be about 7x7ft. Anything smaller than this can become a bit cramped. Also, if indoors, rooms that are not too closed off and don't have super low ceilings tend to work best. When planning, keep your guests in mind and make sure that they have enough seating and room to move around.

Lighting is also key! The show will be much more enjoyable if the audience is able to see properly. Lamps with nice warm light make for a super cozy experience and if you have some decorative string lights floating around then those can also add a really nice touch.

If you still aren't sure if your space will work, send me a few photos and we'll sort it out together!

What do I need to provide?

• Very little actually! You're already opening up your home after all. Generally speaking, each person should have a place to sit as these kinds of performances go best when everyone is seated rather than standing or shuffling around. If you plan to invite more people with bums than the seats you currently own, consider asking your guests to bring their own lawn chair or perhaps rent/ borrow chairs for the evening.

I provide my own sound system, but if the concert is outside I may ask for there to be a few extension cords on hand. 

Anything else I should know as a host?

Keeping it green: As an artist, one of my biggest missions and the theme of my "Leaf & Fern" brand, is reducing my environmental impact. For this reason, I do request that all house concerts be as zero-waste as possible. If you plan to have food and drink at your event, please consider serving it with reusable flatware and utensils or at the very least, without plastic. I've found that asking your guests to bring to bring their own cups or mugs cuts down on the dirty dishes at the end of the night, and prevents the dreaded "which glass is mine?" conundrum. 

• Children: Kids are certainly more than welcome to attend my house concerts, but as a word to the wise, it's not always the best idea. House concerts make for a really good date night and they tend to go over much more smoothly when parents aren't preoccupied with little ones. That being said, if you think your kids would enjoy the show (and you could see them being able to sit still for up to 50 minutes at a time) then you should absolutely bring them! 

• Guest minimum: These shows work the best when there are at least 25 people in attendance. It's very important to ensure that the invitees actually RSVP so that you know exactly how big a crowd you're dealing with prior to the concert.